Tips For Razor Bumps That Every African American Must Know

Ingrown hairs, or what exactly has been considered as razor bumps, upset numerous individuals all around the planet. These are the unappealing and occasionally awful bumps that develop shortly after shaving and occasionally stay on for few days. Severe instances engage bleeding, pus and scarring in which may require a healthcare professional. Even though this ailment influences women and men’s all around the racial divide, African-American males and females are simply the highly affected. This is given that their hair is curly and course. Enable us inspect 5 strategies to eliminate razor bumps concerning African-Americans:

razor bumps 8

1. Do not ever re-use the similar razor

This is strongly recommended that you regularly use a sharp all new razor blade rather than reusing an older blade. Lots of individuals choose a blade to 4 or 5 usages. This is often the reason that razor bumps erupt. An old razor has lost its edge and does not shave as close as it should. This causes the shaved hairs to regrow in an elongated shape and curl inwards puncturing the skin in the process.

2. Shave two days as opposed to daily

This has the effect of allowing the skin to heal and recuperate. Shaving every day can also lead to problems especially if, as we saw earlier, you are using an old razor Shave every two days instead and use a new razor every time.

3. Learn to exfoliate!

You can do this with a gentle scrub using some fine facial scrub. This can be easily purchased at any pharmacy store. You can also use lemon, aloe vera or several home remedies for razor bumps solution. This greatly softens the skin and clears the pores making shaving easier.

razor bumps 11

4. Use a single-edge razor.

Many African-American men and women are deceived into thinking that double or triple-edged razors have an obvious advantage over single edged ones. This is not entirely accurate. Triple edge razors cause more razor bumps because expert dermatologists teach that the closer the shave then the more the likelihood of razor bumps.

5. Shave with warm water

When shaving, use warm water instead of cold. This is because warm water allows the skin to breathe easier, clears the pores and allows the hair to smooth. After applying gel using warm water causes a lesser likelihood of causing razor bumps.

Looking for information on eliminating razor bumps? Check out this complete guide to eradicating razor bumps using some great home and natural remedies:


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